Hygienist Services

Hygienist Services

We firmly believe that oral hygiene and oral health are crucial to a person’s well-being. Gum disease is very common and results in tooth loss. Our Dentists will help you maintain your gums healthy and correspondingly help you keep your teeth for a lifetime.

We also provide sensitive treatments for patients with very sensitive teeth.

Bad breath can be socially crippling and many patients initially attend a Dental appointment for this reason. We can aid with stain removal caused by our everyday life i.e. tea, coffee, red wine and even nicotine.

Our Dentists are happy to advise you and help you care for your gums and teeth by carrying out their Oral Health treatments (Scale and Polish) and giving you great advice on maintaining great dental hygiene.

So please don’t be fearful, they will be as gentle as you like. With the obvious benefits of stain removal and for the long term health of your gums, it is better that everyone has their teeth and gums professionally cleaned by their dentists every 3 to 6 months.

We also provide airflow treatments. Airflow (or air abrasion) is a powder and liquid combined that can prepare the teeth for treatment without the risk of causing damage to the gum.

It is also used to remove extrinsic (surface) stains from your tooth surface (enamel).

The technique is:

  • Drill free
  • Pain free

This technique has great results when used alongside your routine scale and polish for stain removal.

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